32" SedCage "Tuck" Model

32" SedCage "Tuck" Model

SKU: SC32-Tuck

Original “Tuck” model works on grates in which the grate is supported on all edges.

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The SedCage™ can be installed in minutes by tucking the skirt under the grate. The geotextile is pinched between the frame and grate for a no dig installation. Remove the SedCage without restoration. Fits square grates from 12"x12" through 22"x22". Fits round grates from 12" through 24" in diameter. Fits rectangular grates with a diagonal between 17" and 31" (a squared + b squared = c squared). Reusable. Patented. Flood water clear opening 230 sq.in.

Grate inlet protection

1 or more $75.00


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